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Because studying the environment goes beyond a one dimensional scientific lens. 


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Why has there been no substantive environmental action if scientists have known about this crisis since the 19th century? 

Of course, this question requires quite the reading list to answer (Losing Earth, Dark Money, Thinking in Systems to name a few), but the short answer is that there has not been a mainstream collaboration of various academic disciplines.

Scientists cannot combat climate change on their own, or we would practically be living in an eco-topia now. Climate change mitigation requires the cooperation of policymakers, scientists, large corporations, educators, psychologists, artists, the general public, and countless other societal sectors. 

It is unfortunate that most K-12 curriculums fail to acknowledge this interdisciplinary nature of environmentalism, leaving a wide range of environmentally conscious non-STEM students unaware of how their academic strengths entail environmental interconnections. 

Luckily, this is where F(earth)er comes in.

 F(earth)er Magazine

Pronounced further 

A down to earth group of  intellectually curious students avid to promote the interdisciplinary nature of environmentalism. By putting an eco spin on the word further, we strive to expand accessible environmental education to a wider audience, through our connections to several academic subjects.



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