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Think the climate crisis
only involves STEM?

Think again. 

At F(earth)er, we strive to show the eco connections of....

...and more!

Environmental advocacy is NOT a "one size fits all" approach.  

Rather, it is about identifying how people with different strengths can collaborate towards mitigating climate change. 

Founded by UChicago student Ava, each writer works with her in crafting an article that combines their academic interests with the environment. 

What some of our writers have to say:

"Writing for F(earth)er Magazine has deepened my interest in investigating developments surrounding climate change and environmental science. I'm really excited to write more articles for the magazine and watch our international level develop even further than it has."

-Ana Young

"I like how I am able to explore my creative writing passions and interest in the psychological field to fuse together with environmentalism."

-Rahal Khan

"Conducting in-depth research for my articles has led me to discover lots of new facts about environmental topics I'm interested in, while also allowing me to spread ecological awareness."  

-Sophia Steck

"I’ve enjoyed investigating more about topics of my own choice along with reading other people’s insightful articles and learning  about several nuanced components of  climate change."

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