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Media Coverage

Interview: Ava Hedeker
of F(earth)er Magazine

by The Singing Sweet Potato

by The Trapeze

Environmental Magazine Breaks Ground

An Interview with
Ava Hedeker

by Tired Earth

Environmentalism & Enacting Systemic Change

by Finding Passions

Podcast Interviews

by Sierra Youth Podcast

Storytelling to Fight the Climate Crisis—Meet Ava! 

Enviro-Mental Health

by Green & Gritty

The Creation of @fearthermagazine

by Environmotion

Toward Action

by Local to Global

Episode 36: ft.
Ava Hedeker 

by Good Girls Go Green

by Eco Insights

Interdisciplinary Environmental Education

by The Singing Sweet Potato

An Intro to Plastics
with Ava Hedeker

Environmental Education

by EarthBurned

Interdisciplinary Environmentalism +
A Blue New Deal

by Oceanic Planet

Intersectional Environmentalism

by Sustainable Planet Project

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